San Martín de los AndesSan Martin de los Andes

For many visitors, San Martin de los Andes, whose name honors the Liberator of the Fatherland, is one of the most beautiful and emblematic cordilleran cities of Argentine Patagonia.

Its particular architecture with stone and wood, its varied cultural offer, its people and its landscapes, make it the ideal destination to spend a very pleasant vacation.

Located on the shores of Lake Lacar and surrounded by the majesty of the Lanín National Park, our beautiful mountain village has in all four seasons of the year the attractions necessary for the visitor to stay forever.

Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the countless recreational activities that take place here, including skiing in Cerro Chapelco, mountain bike rides, 4x4 excursions, horseback riding, trekking, motor boat navigation, rafting and of course trout and salmon fly fishing.

In autumn, the city is dressed in incredible colors, yellows, ochres, greens, change the appearance of the whole landscape. Visitors are amazed by the landscape, and the roads are covered by a yellow carpet of leaves that announce the arrival of winter.